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If you are a do-it-yourself mechanic than there comes a time you may need acquire special tools to preform certain overhaul, maintenance, assembly or removal procedures. Most tools can be rented at local parts stores. If you are planing to any major or minor work first check your Repair Manual to identify if any special tools are required.


Air pump Assy
Snap ring pliers
Magnetic stand
Engine tachometer
Fuel pressure gauge
Fuel pressure hose
Hexagon wrench set
Vernier calipers
Cylinder gauge set
Thickness gauge
Hexagon socket
Dial calipers
Steel “V” block set
Driveshaft holder
Oil seal remover
Hexagon bit
Dial gauge
Deep socket wrench
Test wheel
Oil filter wrench
Valve lapper
Handle (N-503)
Valve guide reamer
Valve lifter attachment
Valve guide installer attachment
Compression gauge
Valve lifter
Valve seat cutter
Valve guide reamer handle
Valve guide installer
Oil pressure gauge
Valve seat cutter
Valve guide reamer
Piston ring compressor


Oil pressure gauge adapter
Handle adaptor
Valve guide remover
Valve seat cutter
Vacuum pump gauge
Tappet holder
Propeller shaft housing installer
Housing installer handle
Propeller shaft remover
Flywheel holder
4-pin connector test cord
Digital tester
PTT cylinder cap tool
Pinion bearing installer and remover
Pinion bearing installer shaft
Pinion bearing plate
Sliding hammer
Timing light
6-pin connector test cord
Diagnostic harness
Gearcase oil leakage tester
Air pump
O2 sensor
Shift lock pin remover
Rotor remover bolt
Flywheel rotor remover
4-pin connector test cord
Injector test cord A
8-pin connector test cord
12-pin connector test cord
Air pressure gauge
Gear adjusting gauge
Peak reading voltmeter
Digital voltmeter


Suzuki Models / Horsepower / Model Years

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