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For exact service procedures for your model Suzuki outboard engine refer to your Service Manual.

For spark plug inspection times and replacement intervals (see maintenance chart).

Standard spark plug type: See engine specifications.

CAUTION: Type of spark plugs differ between year and model. Using improper spark plugs can not only cause engine damage but can cause ignition system malfunctions.


Inspect for a carbon deposit on the spark plug bases. If carbon is present, remove carbon with a spark plug cleaning machine or by carefully using a pointed tool.


Measure for the spark plug gap using the thickness gauge. Adjust to within the specified range if the gap is out of the specification.

Spark plug gap : (see specifications in Repair Manual).
Special tool required : A special tool is required to gauge the thickness on the spark plug gap.


Check the electrode and insulator condition. If the electrode is extremely worn or burnt, replace the spark plug. If the spark plug has a broken insulator, damaged threads, etc., replace the spark plug.

CAUTION: Confirm the thread size and reach when replacing the plug. If the reach is too short, carbon will be deposited on the threaded portion of the plug hole resulting in possible engine damage.

Tightening torque: For spark plug torque specs refer to tightening torque spec's.


Suzuki Models / Horsepower / Model Years

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