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A outboard repair manual, also termed boat engine service manual, is a handbook or repair instructions, published to aid a mechanic in the process of fixing or mending the boat motor back to working order. The marine manual covers every aspect of repair and maintenance.

An outboard repair manual begins with a table of contents. The table of contents is a list of chapters or titles that lists the main topics of discussion. Main chapters are further divided into sub-chapters. The sub-chapters list individual topics of discussion. Typical chapters in an outboard repair manual are as follows:

1. Service manual outline

2. Specifications

3. Troubleshooting

4. Maintenance

5. General information

6. Starting system

7. Fuel system

8. Electrical and ignition

9. Powerhead

10. Cooling system

11. Mid-section

12. Clamps, swivels and brackets

13. Lower unit

14. Wiring diagrams

The general information section in the repair manual covers general information about the boat motor, such as general precautions, serial number locations, fuel and oil recommendations, complete engine specifications, powerhead, lower unit and much more. Go here to download Johnson outboard manuals.

The periodic maintenance section contains a periodic maintenance schedule/chart that list specific parts or areas that must be maintained at certain times. This is also the section that covers tune-up procedures. Step-by-step maintenance procedures are listed. Some of the things you’ll learn how to do are oil pressure check, cylinder compression test, maintenance, water pump maintenance, valve clearance adjustment, throttle cable adjustment, idle speed adjustment and much more. Go here to download MerCruiser inboard manuals.

The engine, powerhead, fuel system, lower unit, lubrication, and mid unit sections contain step-by-step repair procedures. Each of these sections discuss part removal, disassembly, assembly, cleaning, inspection, assembly and installation procedures. For your convince, each outboard repair manual also contains pictures, illustrations and schematics so as to help you complete the repair work successfully.

There’s also a troubleshooting section in the manual. It will help you trace and correct faults in the motor’s mechanical and electrical system. This is especially helpful for people who do not have experience in mechanical theory and repair. It will teach you how to solve problems like why won’t the engine start, what’s causing weak or no spark or what’s causing the engine to stall or run hot? Go here to download an Evinrude repair manuals.

Never attempt to service your outboard without a repair manual handy. Dealership technicians or experienced shop mechanics would never service your boat motor without one—and you shouldn’t either!


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