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Most Suzuki outboard four stroke models employ an integrated engine control system which controls the functions for fuel injection, ignition, idle / trolling speed (idle air), etc. through the ECM (Engine control module). The engine control system structure is managed by sensors and switches. For instance, the CKP (Crankshaft position sensor) feeds the ECM (Engine Control Module) current data that's being collected at the time of operation. Then, the ECM collects that data and controls how much fuel to provide to the fuel injectors.

In some cases one sensor can control how the entire ECM operates as one sensor my affect not just the fuel injectors but starter motor, caution buzzer, high pressure fuel pump, ignition coil just to name a few. These main sensors are called input sensors. These input sensors control the ECM where it collects the data and decides the output (fuel injector, ignition coil, fuel pump etc.).

Since all Suzuki outboards do not function through the use of the ECM management we suggest you refer to your Repair Manual for exact details concerning your exact year and model.


(sensor / switch)

CPK sensor
Oil pressure switch
IAT sensor
Cylinder temp. sensor
Exhaust manifold
temp. sensor
CTP switch
Neutral switch
O2 sensor (optional)
MAP sensor
CMP sensor


Fuel Injection System
Ignition system
Idle air system
Fuel pump system
Caution system
Self-diagnostic system
Fail-safe system
Operating hour
indication system
Start-in-gear protection
O2 feedback system

(actuator etc.)

Fuel Injector
Ignition coil
IAC valve
High pressure fuel
Starter motor
Caution buzzer


For more information on what the ECM actually controls see ECM components for names and descriptions. 


ECM (Engine control module)
CKP (Crankshaft position sensor)
CMP (Camshaft position sensor)
MAP (Manifold absolute pressure sensor)
IAT (Intake air temperature sensor)
CTP (Close throttle position switch)
IAC (Idle air control valve)


Suzuki Models / Horsepower / Model Years

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