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Inspection intervals for valve clearance can be found in the maintenance chart section of your Service Manual.


The following directions are examples of typical procedures required for maintenance, checking and adjusting valve clearance. Since procedures differ between year, make and model Suzuki outboard 4-Stroke engines its mandatory to acquire exact servicing information from your factory service manual for exact service guidelines.


1. Remove the following parts :

• Engine cover
• Recoil starter
• Spark plug
• Engine cover seal

2. Remove the four bolts 1 and the cylinder head cover.
3. Rotate the flywheel clockwise to bring the piston to the Top Dead Center (TDC) on a compression stroke.

CAUTION: Rotate the crankshaft clockwise to prevent water pump impeller damage.


• To confirm whether the piston is at the TDC position on a compression stroke or on a exhaust stroke, rotate the flywheel within the oorrect degre beyond the TDC position.

- If both rocker arms do not move at all, the piston is at the position on a compression stroke.
- If any rocker arm moves, the piston is at the TDC position on an exhaust stroke. Rotate the flywheel one more turn.

• The valve clearance specification is for COLD engine condition

4. Measure the valve clearance by inserting thickness gauge between the valve stem end and the rocker arm.

Special tool required : Thickness gauge is one of the special tools required to perform proper measurements when measuring valve cleareance.

Valve clearance (cold engine condition) : See specifications for correct intake and exhaust cleareance specifications.

If the valve clearance is out of the specification, adjust the clearance.


5. Loosen the valve adjusting lock nut 1 while holding the pivot nut.
6. Turn the pivot nut to bring the valve clearance to within the specification.
7. Tighten the lock nut to the specified torque while holding the pivot nut.

Thighten Torque Valve adjusting lock nut : See torque specs for factory specifications.

8. Recheck the valve clearance.


Installation is reverse order of removal with the special attention to the following steps.

• Tighten the four cylinder head cover bolts diagonally to the specified torque.

Cylinder head cover bolt : Refer to torque specifications.

WARNING: Do not re-use the gasket once removed. Always use a new gasket.

• Make sure that the cylinder head cover gasket is installed correctly.


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